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TRIMIT Fashion from CORNATOR is a complete standard solution, tailored to the Fashion industry. The solution provides a full overview of the processes in your core business with a complete, integrated IT system that optimizes the flow in your value chain - all the way from design to customer service. 

With the product configurator, TRIMIT Fashion manages complex variant structures and ensures easier handling of BOMs with routes to production, just as the system, by default, also handles complex price and discount structures. 

TRIMIT Fashion allows you to automatically create related production orders from a sales order, providing coherence to the purchase order. 

The solution offers flexible logistics and inventory management, with full insight into everything from shipments to inventories. It provides concrete savings on warehousing and better customer service. 

The TRIMIT solution also contains four integrated web portals, B2B and B2C Webshop, Supplier portal and seller / agent portal. This allows partners to access relevant information, communicate and create orders through the simple and intuitive user interface.

TRIMIT Fashion is built on many years of experience with customers in the Fashion industry.