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As a manufacturer or vendor of products with multiple options or variants, you know the challenge of managing complex products. Getting a complete overview of your business can be difficult - especially if you work in a legacy system or multiple systems.

Why not use a single software solution to make your day easier, simplify product configuration, and optimize your business? 

Why not use a single software solution to optimize your business and work more efficiently?

TRIMIT Configuration comes with a built-in product configurator and sales configurator that makes it easy to configure products and manage product variants (e.g. sizes, colors, materials) from design, quotation and sales to assembly and customer service.

The solution is based on the world-leading ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central, and it provides you with a unified platform where everyone works in the same system and where you benefit from greater efficiency.

Half the Work, Double the Profits

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TRIMIT Configuration makes it easy for your entire organization to work with product with multiple variations. The software solution has been supporting business optimization since 1990 and it is primed to deliver on its promise of half the work and double the profits with:

  • Online calculation at order entry 
  • Handling of variants and dimensions throughout the entire solution 
  • Variant outcomes dependent on customer, country of basic item data 
  • Product configuration - control of individual item qualities at the order stage 
  • Optimization of order handling process 
  • Easy creation and maintenance via masters 
  • Unlimited variants and dimensions 
  • Possibility of Shop-Floor Management 
  • Capacity planning 
  • Outline control of bottlenecks throughout order process 
  • Automatic creation of production orders with relation to customer orders 
  • Combination of actual cost prices and standard cost prices 
  • Search based on technical specifications
TRIMIT Features

TRIMIT extends the familiar and easy-to-use experience that is shared across many Microsoft products, and we always support the latest version of Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Explore TRIMIT Configuration’s Rich Features

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Enhancing and extending functionality in Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central for companies that work with complex products, sales, and product configuration.

In today's world, change is the norm rather than the exception, and your business model may change over time. Don't just go for any Furniture ERP software solution. Choose a flexible business software for your company. A solution that keeps supporting your business no matter the strategy and focus.

TRIMIT Ecommerce

ERP With Integrated Ecommerce

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TRIMIT Configuration comes with webshops and web portals that are fully integrated in the ERP software solution. A visual product and sales configurator makes it easy to build customized or feature-rich products online.

With TRIMIT Configuration, you will extend your supply chain towards both production and sales, allowing you to stay in control of these processes - all from the same system.