TRIMIT by CORNATOR Helped Write A Fashion Fairy Tale


A Fashion Fairy tale  

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In 2004, in an old village near the forest and the sea, a couple named Mikkel Hauger and Tana Kretzschmer moved into a quaint, little cottage built in 1890. It became the beginning of a colorful adventure – and little Thore was the inspiration.

They were about to start a children’s clothing company, and their 4-month-old boy, Thore, would serve as the inspiration behind their colorful adventure.

Tana was about to start the company up, and we bought a little house right around then. Right after we had moved in, we were taking 4-month-old Thore for a stroll in the baby carriage. The neighbor came over to welcome us, and he peered into the stroller, and said, ‘Oh great, little people have moved into the neighborhood.

In Danish, the word for little-people is "Småfolk". And that’s how our company name just kind of fell into our laps, says Hauger, who is managing director for the company, and things started to take shape.

Just one year later, they presented their first Småfolk collection at a show in Copenhagen, and, in 2007, opened the first Småfolk shop in Holbæk, where they currently have their headquarters.

Growing business

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Småfolk currently has 22 full-time employees, 18 of whom sit in Holbæk, and three in the shops. They also have one salesperson working elsewhere in Denmark. Further, there are a handful of part-time employees in the shops and the warehouse. The company now delivers children’s clothing to 600 shops in 22 countries.
The little shop in Holbæk has been replaced with a larger one, and there is also a shop on the Danish island of Bornholm, and one in Denmark’s second-largest city,
Aarhus, which sells adult clothing.  


The read oeko-tex thread

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Småfolk delivers four collections a year, and the design is easily recognizable with its bright and multi-colored designs.

The plot that holds the whole story together is that the clothes are intended for children to play and move around in. The materials are soft, the colors are cheerful, and the themes appeal to a child’s imagination, Hauger says.

Almost the whole Småfolk collection is ØKO-TEX certified, which is an independent test that guarantees that the product is not harmful to health.
A lot of people think that ØKO-TEXT has to do with environmental friendliness, which is not the case, Hauger says. It has to do with something else, which is equally important. It guarantees that nothing on a long list of harmful chemicals is found in the end product. And the best way to make sure that a chemical is not in the product is by not using it in production. That’s what ØKO-TEXT is all about.


Needed: A Timesaving System

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Småfolk’s previous IT system was an old DOS system. It didn’t offer a good overview, and it was difficult to pull meaningful numbers out of the system in order to get a feel for what was happening in the business.

“For example, we didn’t know which, and how many, items were left in stock after the first deliveries were sent. This made it hard to offer good service by following up on sales with immediate deliveries. We definitely missed some sales because of this,” Hauger says.
As time went on, and the daily technical challenges became too difficult, a switch to a new, better system was inevitable. The company needed a more time-saving and beneficial IT system – a solution that could cover Småfolk’s growing needs, and keep track of their invoices, orders, inventory, and other business information and processes.

Why They Chose TRIMIT

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In the end, Småfolk went with TRIMIT, a solution that is tailored for the fashion industry. TRIMIT has given Småfolk the necessary overview and tools needed to manage the company optimally from top to bottom. As a manager, Hauger appreciates how the overview gives him a much better view into the engine room of the company that means so much to him.

The previous online system was an isolated entity that did not communicate with the main system. As a result, removing styles and changing prices had to be done twice, but, with TRIMIT's portal solution, this is a thing of the past, as preparing styles for sales has become a more flexible and faster process.

Integrated Portal Solutions

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Portal solutions are 100 percent integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and the salespeople, in particular, are excited to be using the new tool.

According to Hauger, the salespeople have gotten the opportunity to do what they’re best at: selling! Plus, with 20 to 50 percent less work in front of the screen, they have more time to enter into dialogue with the customer.

In May, Småfolk introduced their brand new B2C web shop, and the fall collection is currently ready for delivery. Right around the corner, the winter collection awaits.


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CORNATOR is the textile companies’ IT supplier and sparring partner. The industry solution TRIMIT is a complete standard solution tailored to the needs of the individual industry, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

CORNATOR has 90+ employees distributed in Denmark, Norway and The Netherlands.

About Småfolk

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In Marts 2007, Småfolk got their first, small Småfolk store in Holbæk.

Today, Småfolk employs 18 people full time plus some more when busy.

Småfolk deliver to approx. 600 customers, in 22 countries. Today, the small Småfolk store has been added. In May, Småfolk opened their webshop from CORNATOR.