About Message

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International fashion companies need an overview of design, production, and sales activities. Message is no exception.

Message is a wholesale and retail company based in Denmark, with 23 shops in Denmark, 2 in Norway, and a market in many other European countries. The company was established in 1980 and represents the in-house brands MbyM, Global Funk and Rosie and Roses. 

Message runs on CORNATOR's industry solution TRIMIT Fashion which is tailored to the needs of the textile industry. The solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and developed based on experience from more than 5000 users. 

It has become expensive to send mail in Denmark after the large increases in postage, and the price level only goes one way. Expenses for sending out invoices and order confirmations, for example, have therefore also increased significantly. 

All-in-one solution. Continuous upgrade and support. Skilled consultants and a first-rate international PDM. Those were just some of the reasons why we chose TRIMIT Fashion as our new ERP-system

Dan Andersen
IT Manager at Message

New, Flexible and User-friendly

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Our previous ERP was a UNIX-based system that was no longer supported. We needed a new, flexible and user-friendly system that matched the needs of a growing company. The system had to be upgradable and easy to adapt, and we had to be able to collect key figures and data to support the company’s growth, Dan Andersen explains.

The fact that TRIMIT’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central-based solution is flexible, undergoes continual improvement, and is guaranteed to be supported, was some of the obvious reasons why Message chose this ERP system. 


Match International Needs

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TRIMIT was also the solution of choice because of the built-in PDM. It handles everything on an international basis, giving Message a great overview of every process from design and production to final delivery. 

 The solution composes data, key figures and makes it much easier to follow up on customers and different brands. In addition, TRIMIT Fashion has automated a lot of manual processes in the daily work at Message.

TRIMIT also correlates data, key figures, and makes it easy to follow up on customers and different brands.
Dan Andersen explains: Most of the standard parts of the system live up to our expectations. And the flexibility of TRIMIT has made it possible to tailor-make additional programs to match our special needs. 

With our old system, we often had to do things three times and use home-made spreadsheets to analyze our data. Now, when we type in a set of data once, it’s available in the entire system. And it’s both fast and easy to create a new brand in TRIMIT, as well as establish new products, explains Dan Andersen. 

Specifically, the investment in the sales agent solution has meant that Message has a tool that is easy to use and saves time for the customer. In addition, the company has experienced that the solution has released extra resources both internally and externally. This has left a positive mark on Messages' bottom line.