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About HRT Textiles 

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Production planning and variants have been a major challenge for Helge Rasmussen Textiles (HRT). With a TRIMIT Fashion solution, however, they have gotten the precise information they need in order to maximize their profits.

Founded in 1935, the Danish company is a highly-respected producer of private-label fashion, primarily jersey knit-fabric for the European market. They rely on all the TRIMIT Fashion features on a daily basis – in particular, the PDM and production management functionality.

With the help of the data collected in TRIMIT, we get precise information about all of these variants. This makes it possible for us to minimize waste and maximize profit.

Per Lindberg
Finance Manager at HRT

From Threads And Trimmings To Customs
And Shipping

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Per Lindberg, Finance Manager at HRT explains: TRIMIT Fashion enables us to deal with any sample or production issues on very short notice.

According to Lindberg, implementing TRIMIT was a huge step for the company, one which demanded big changes in the organization. However, the sacrifices were all worth it, as they ended up with a solution that comprehensively fulfil their needs.

Having a factory in Ukraine demands a good deal of planning – and a state-of-the-art ERP system. With TRIMIT and an extra software solution, HRT can manage all the details, from threads and trimmings, and length and weight of the fabric, to customs charges, and shipping from countries inside and outside of the EU. TRIMIT can handle all the variants in their textile production.

It works beautifully, Lindberg says

The More Precise The Data, The Greater The Profit

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Because HRT continuously sends raw goods from the EU to their Ukrainian factory, they need help managing passive processing. TRIMIT helps to ensure that they pay the import and export taxes correctly.

HRT is currently going through their products to determine which are most wasteful in terms of fabric, thread, and various other materials. The goal is to ensure that they don’t use 80% of their energy on customers that only contribute to 20% of their income.

TRIMIT is absolutely essential for these analysis. We have a multitude of variants in our work, like production time, materials, and delivery. With the help of the data collected in TRIMIT, we get precise information about all of these variants. This makes it possible for us to minimize waste and maximize profit.


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CORNATOR has implemented the solution and adapted it to HRT, and Per Lindberg praises their professionalism:

CORNATOR listens to its customers. If you have any queries, they will follow up on them and requests from their customers are generally implemented in the later solutions or corrections.

Shares Knowhow

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CORNATOR’s interest in sharing business knowhow is also a great benefit for HRT. Since 2008, annual ERFA meetings have been arranged for customers, where you share your experiences and get the most out of the TRIMIT solution. In addition, customers can spar with each other via an online group on the web, which CORNATOR manages.

Participation in the ERFA collaboration greatly helps to ensure we get the maximum benefit from the existing solution, as well as influence on the future. We all have specific needs. The discussion with Colleagues in the industry on various issues has given me a lot, says Per Lindberg.